What's New - Ashcroft™

If it's style you want, look no further than the Ashcroft Series.
Easy style. Versatile design. Smart value.

There is a sort of calm confidence expressed in the simple, modern design of the Ashcroft™ Series by Hytec. Its high-gloss finish and thoughtful features create an unassuming elegance. If, however, convenience and lasting value are your top priorities, the Ashcroft Series is also the perfect solution for you.

If it's style you want, look no further than the Ashcroft bath/shower. Featuring a beautiful balance of crisp lines and subtle curves, the bath/shower offers an understated contemporary look ideal for transitional and modern bath settings. With a sloping backrest, shelves for storing toiletries and heavy-duty acrylic construction for ease of cleaning and chip and mar resistance, this bath/shower provides the durability and user-friendly options you desire.

With a dome ceiling that extends to a height of 90 inches, the Ashcroft shower looks and feels comfortably roomy and open. Because the Ashcroft shower is cast in heavy-duty acrylic, it's not only easy to maintain but also highly durable with chip and mar resistance. This shower is available with several integral seating options, all at the same affordable price. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from two-seat and left- or right-hand seat options. The Ashcroft Series is available in both domed and domeless versions.