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Ellesmere Bath
Discover the shape of serenity.
Ahead of the curve in style and comfort.

Slip into a cocoon of tranquility when you enter the Ellesmere™ bath and emerge refreshed. The bath's ergonomic design conforms to and supports your body for outstanding comfort. Its unique bathing well offers lumbar support at each end as well as extended legroom, so even tall bathers can lie back and stretch out. Ellesmere baths feature a wide deck along one side that serves to simplify faucet placement and installation or to provide extra support when entering and leaving the bath. Offering a contemporary perspective on an essential form, the bath introduces natural warmth and inviting simplicity to the bathroom.

Built to withstand the demands of daily use, the bath itself is constructed of stain- and nick-resistant acrylic, while the apron is made of a colourmatched gelcoat that also resists fading.