What’s New - Seamount™ bath

Seamount bath
An unencumbered oasis of calm.
Bathe with Abandon.

The freestanding Seamount™ bath quickly becomes the focal point of any bathroom. Its crisp, clean lines draw your attention, and the bath's thoughtful features keep it. The ergonomic design increases the length of the bathing well while offering lumbar support at both ends of the bath, so even tall bathers can stretch out in comfort and relax at either end. The bath includes a wide deck along one side to simplify faucet placement and installation, and to provide extra support when getting in and out of the bath. Versatile as well as stylish, the Seamount bath can be installed as a freestanding, a drop-in or an undermount bath, depending on your needs. Designed to last, the bath itself is constructed of stain- and chip-resistant material to resist marring, scratching, fading and mildew.

  • Rugged materials
  • Smooth, easy-to-clean finishes
  • Simple, quick installation
  • Affordable
  • Outstanding service and support
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