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Easy Installation

Easy Installations:

HYTEC baths and whirlpools, showers, receptors and wall surrounds are crafted from rugged, lightweight base materials that provide added convenience for trade professionals and homeowners.

These high-quality plumbing fixtures can be assembled quickly and installed easily, often by a single installer in a fraction of the time required for other products in the marketplace.

By choosing Hytec for your building or remodeling project, you'll have more time for the things in life that you enjoy.

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Hytec™ System Connects

The fast, affordable bath renovation. With a lifetime of care and maintenance benefits. It's time for a renovation. But you're a little short on time and cash. Hytec™ System Connects are the perfect solution.

These tough, lightweight panels can be installed in minutes, fitting right into place, with a waterproof seam. A simple one-person operation.

Once they're up, they keep doing the job. The tough gelcoat finish resists nicks, scratches and mildew, and cleans up quickly and easily. The panels come in a range of colours, too, to match your decorating needs.

Now you can have a whole new look - without a great big investment in time, money and hassle. Hytec System Connects. Put them up and forget about them.