Why Choose Hytec

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Quality & Durability

Quality & Durability:

Hytec bathing fixtures are consistently delivered free of defects because our construction process and strict adherence to quality control eliminates problems.

Whether acrylic or gelcoat, Hytec bathing fixtures offer dependable, easy-to-install solutions for every bathing need.

Acrylic bathing Fixtures
Engineered using one-piece sheets of Lucite XL acrylic, reinforced with a fiberglass polyester resin laminate, Hytec acrylic bathing fixtures optimize strength and durability. This smooth surface resists chips, scratches, mildew and stains.

Gelcoat Bathing Fixtures
Hytec gelcoat bathing fixtures are visually appealing and reassuringly functional. With a beautiful high-gloss finish, these fixtures are easy to maintain and provide long-lasting brilliance.